10 Habits of the Top-Producing Real Estate Agents

Whether you’re trying to buy or sell a house, or you have ambitions of becoming a real estate agent, it pays to understand what distinguishes the top agents from the mediocre ones.

Here are ten habits that you will tend to see with the best real estate agents.

1. Positive attitude

Your mindset is vital for success. The first step toward excellence is believing that you will succeed. When top agents have bad days or make mistakes, they don’t get discouraged. They view it as an opportunity to learn and improve.


2. Goal oriented

People who succeed have clearly defined goals, and they follow through on them. Ambitious goals require several objectives to be achieved along the way. A goal-oriented agent will have daily, weekly and yearly objectives that help them achieve their ultimate goal.

3. Planning

Successful people don’t wait around for great things to fall into their lap. They develop a detailed plan of how to get there and proactively pursue it. Once you decide on what you want to achieve, you have to thoroughly understand all the steps that are necessary to get it. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

4. Great communicators

Real estate is a people-oriented career, so naturally, communication is a cornerstone skill for the job. Top agents know how to listen to their clients and understand what they need and want. They stay in touch and use the method that the clients prefer, whether it’s text, email, voice calls or others.

5. Market knowledge

The best agents are knowledgeable about the neighborhoods in which they do business. They know where the best restaurants, schools, parks and other attractions are that clients would be interested in.

They also know about the negative side of some of the surrounding areas such as high crime and environmental problems. They also are well-versed in the market values of the properties in their area.

6. Tech-savvy

Top agents know how to get the most out of the current business tools that maximize communication, finance, and business. They stay modern and up-to-date on all the platforms and apps that give business people a marketing edge in competitive fields.

7. Set a schedule

Ambitious people realize how easy it is to get into a pattern of working around the clock. They avoid burnout by adhering to a schedule that allows some time for life outside of work and opportunities to recharge their energy.


8. Organized

Top agents understand that it’s vital to have a system that keeps them organized so they can always be on-time and never miss appointments. They have a system that ensures they always have the necessary documents and they’re prepared for every business transaction.

9. Talented networkers

Top agents don’t just follow leads; they create them. They use a variety of networking tools and techniques to create more business opportunities. They’re always recognizing and acting on opportunities to meet people and enhance their reputation as an influencer in their area.

10. Perseverance

It takes a certain amount of tenacity to succeed in real estate, so most people tend to get discouraged. In fact, nearly 87% of real estate agents quit within their first several years because they overestimate how much dedication it takes.

Some people aren’t prepared for the setbacks and market fluctuations, but the top agents have what it takes to weather the storms.

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