How to Do More Packing and Preparing For A Move In Less Time

Are you packing to move in a rush? When you’re on a tight deadline, and you have to get everything out, your stress can skyrocket as you wonder how you’ll get things done. While this task can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. There are many ways you can make things easier, especially when it comes to packing and preparing. If you haven’t already used the tips below, incorporate them into your prep, and you’ll be ready to move before you know it.

1. Use What You Have

If you don’t have time to buy packing supplies and carefully wrap your belongings, use what you have. Towels can easily cover plates, socks can hold silverware, and clothes can cover other breakables. This won’t only save you time, but it will also save you money, all without putting your items at risk of breaking. Another great way to save time is to use boxes you have around the house to pack belongings. Even boxes from deliveries can be re-purposed as long as they’re in good shape.


2. Keep Clothes Hanging

When it comes to packing clothes that are hanging, don’t bother taking them down and folding them. Instead, use a rubber band to tie a group of hangers (with clothes on them) together. After this, cut a hole in the bottom of a trash bag and place it over the group of clothes you just tied together. Either hang these in a wardrobe box or carefully fold them in a group and place into a box.

3. Make Fast Decisions

A time crunch when moving means you need to make quick decisions when it comes to packing your things. If you don’t use or need something, place it in a box for donation or the trash. Give yourself three seconds to decide for each item, and you’ll be able to get through your entire home in no time. If you have a lot of things to donate or throw away, make sure you plan out a day for them to be picked up before you leave.

4. Don’t Overthink

Overthinking when packing can cost you hours of precious time when you need to get out of your house. The goal is to simply get everything moved into boxes, so don’t stress about organization and detailed labeling. While you should write the room on the side of the box, you don’t have to be more detailed than that. You can sort everything out once you get to your destination and have time to spend organizing.

5. Forward Your Mail

The easiest way to make sure you get your mail is by forwarding it. Fortunately, you can do this online with the United States Post Office in just a few minutes. However, don’t forget to change your official address once you move to ensure you continue to receive your mail once forwarding has ended.

6. Recruit Help Near Me

Whether you hire movers or friends, help can cut down the time it takes to pack your things by hours or even days. Even if you just have help with disassembling furniture, the extra hands can make all the difference.


Beating Your Deadline to Move

Packing in a rush can easily be done if you put your mind and maximum effort into it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and avoid procrastinating to ensure you stay on track. Fortunately, with the tips above, the ask will be easier, and you can get to your destination on time.

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